How to become DBA

Whenever I visit the colleges I got this question from many students How to become a DBA.


Here I am writing this blog, at end of this blog you will have at least concrete the idea about DBA and its role. To understand this role in broader way let me put one example, this role is nothing but to protect your Vault (Data is main assets for any organization ) from being stolen and to manage/limiting the access to vault.


DBA are the security guard to protect data, manage the users with appropriate the privileges.

The skill set required for this job Profile

1)Knowledge of database types of database specially RDBMS.

2) Knowledge on Different operating system like UNIX, Linux, Windows etc

3)Troubleshooting skills.

Which are the database product in the market which is among mostly used like Oracle, MS- SQL Server, SYABSE ASE, MYSQL etc and many more.


Those do not have interest in programming can walk with this field. Any computer science graduate can be DBA. There are lots of offline and online classes in market though which you can have DBA skills set. If you are certified in any of Database Product whether you are fresher or lateral(experienced) this will help to get shortlisted for DBA technical round in various companies.

Most of the IT companies do have DBA job profile you can apply through various job portal sites

DBA’s in market have high demand and they are often get very good paycheck.


I hope this information helps.

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